My son is my favorite person probably on the whole planet. Granted, I did cart him around everywhere for at least 9 months, and I was also pregnant with him, so yes, okay, I’m biased.  Aside from that biologically-mandated response, I have stories. Stories that I try to permanently save in my brain and which will keep me warm when I am 90 and in a nursing home all alone.

1. In an effort to endear our dog to Son, Son was asked to pick out a dog toy to buy for Dog. After carefully squeezing each stuffed toy, he settled on a duck because “his squeaker sounds like somebody is tooting!”

2. Upon drinking gatorade for the first time, he exclaimed, “WHAT IS THIS DELICIOUS DRINK! IT TASTES LIKE CHERRIES!” In explaining Gatorade to him, I mentioned that scientists created Gatorade in the lab. Even though he was, at the time, in the emergency room for a gushing & bleeding head wound sustained in his unauthorized horsing around on his bunk bed, he turned to me, mouth stained by red gatorade, forehead still bleeding slightly,  smiled, and said, “If this was created by scientists, then I want to be a scientist one day, too.”



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